Personal Medical Services national review

Date: 21 Sep 2015

Category: Statements

NHS England is undertaking a national review of Personal Medical Services (PMS) contracts which will affect most GP practices in Bristol. Some practices will gain additional funding and some practices will lose some funding as the process is designed to support fairer distribution of Primary Care funding for the core GP contract at a locality level.

Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) role is to reinvest the premium funding, that is, the additional funding some practices have had historically, across all Bristol practices in a way that supports the local health objectives while meeting the criteria set out by NHS England. In order to make a decision about how to reinvest the premium funding the CCG has been meeting with practices to understand their concerns and the needs of their patients. A decision has to be made by the end of November 2015 to be implemented in April 2016. Any changes in practice funding will be phased over the next five years.

If you want to understand more about NHS England's approach to PMS reviews please click here .