Hospital waiting times app launched

Date: 09 Sep 2015

Category: Services

We have launched a pioneering new online tool to help local NHS patients choose where to receive planned hospital care.

The ‘Waiting Times on the Web’ application bring together key hospital waiting time and performance data from a range of sources into a single interactive web-based application.

Waiting times

Average waiting times

Patients and their doctors can use the tool to check the average waiting times for outpatient appointments and operations, across 17 different medical specialties, at five local hospitals.

The tool shows how each hospital compares in delivering the 18 Week NHS Constitutional Standard and the proportion of previous patients who would recommend each hospital to their friends and family.

Helping patients take greater control

"This app will give patients and interested GPs more complete information to base their choices on, it allows them to compare referral to treatment times not just referral to first outpatients so their choice is more meaningful."

- Dr David Peel, Bristol CCG clinical lead for Planned Care

The waiting times application has been developed by Bristol CCG in partnership with Omni Digital, using publicly available data from a range of sources including the NHS Information Centre and NHS England. It will be updated monthly.

Local information

Local hospitals currently contracted by Bristol CCG are covered by the tool, and patients can also see how a given hospital performs for their specific condition by using a simple filter.

Under the NHS Constitution, patients have a legal right to start their NHS consultant-led treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from referral, and can choose where and when to receive treatment according to their preferences.

Waiting times