Response to the Francis report on healthcare provision

Date: 20 Feb 2013

Category: Services

Bristol CCG's response to the Francis report

The publication of the Francis report is a defining moment for everyone involved in healthcare. As members of NHS Bristol CCG we have a collective responsibility to consider the findings of the report carefully and to act swiftly on the recommendations made.

People have been let down badly by the NHS and by all those responsible for healthcare provision, commissioning, regulation and supervision. However, we should also not forget that there is much to be proud of in the NHS and the lessons learnt from Mid Staffordshire provide an opportunity to reinforce good practice and further install a positive, caring and patient-focused culture throughout the NHS.

The CCG’s governing body is stepping up to the challenge of creating and nurturing a culture of care and one that is focused on placing the patient and carer at the heart of everything we do. This will also require organisations to empower their staff and clinicians to feel supported in delivering the highest-quality care over and above the delivery of financial and performance targets. This is no simple task and does not detract from our own responsibilities as a CCG to manage within our resources and relentlessly pursue our duty to abide by the NHS Constitution.

So what actions will Bristol CCG take next?

  • Ensure our governing body and members understand the vital role we play in Bristol in making sure this level of system failure does not happen again
  • Make sure the voices of patients are heard and listened to
  • Be clear that, in our monitoring role, we will ensure and promote transparency, openness and a duty of candour from all providers of care
  • As a governing body we will ensure that we continue to live by our vision and values, and that the recommendations of the Francis report become fully embedded in our organisation and in our relationships with our stakeholders and partners
  • We will continue with our commitment to engage with and involve patients, carers and communities in everything we do. We are proud of the progress we have made so far but recognise that there is still much more we can do.