Community rehabilitation launch

Date: 04 Jun 2015

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The city's new rehabilitation service, part of Bristol Mental Health, has its official launch today (4 June 2015). The service, which is led by Bristol-based mental health charity Second Step with its partners women's mental health organisation Missing Link and the Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Trust Partnership (AWP), has high hopes for everyone who uses it.

The launch event, to be held at The Station in central Bristol, will hear from the people who commissioned the service through to those that are currently working for it. A short film celebrating people's hopes for the new service will be shown at the event.

The service, which is based entirely in the community, expects to work with around 100 people in a highly intensive way either in their own homes or in community settings. Part of the service is a ten-bed accommodation unit called Wellbridge House - currently in the Brentry area of Bristol - which offers 24-hour support to its clients.

Catherine Nile, a carer who has been involved in the commissioning and set up of the service and who has a daughter currently receiving mental health support in Bristol, said:

"As someone who has been here from the very beginning, it is refreshing to see carer and service user involvement throughout and still ongoing. I feel we have shaped what is and I believe will continue to be a very thoughtful service which will do its utmost for everyone it supports - respecting people's very different needs and personalities."

The service's staff team is diverse and includes people with their own experience of using mental health services. Specialist staff provide a range of interventions to help people manage their mental health more effectively and to live as independently as possible. These include:

  • Tools for wellbeing and recovery
  • Psychological support
  • Advice around medication
  • Education and volunteering
  • Help to find appropriate housing and links to community resources and activities
"The Community Rehabilitation Service plays a significant and important role in the newly-commissioned mental health services in Bristol. By focusing on working with people in their homes in their communities in an intensive and individual-focused way, we believe we will begin to see a real culture change at the heart of the system."

- Jill Shepherd, NHS Bristol's Clinical Commissioning Group Chief Officer

The service supports people from across Bristol, including people who may have used the rehabilitation hospital wards run by AWP. People will be referred to the service from community and in-patient mental health services.

For more information about the service, please visit our Community Rehabilitation page .

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