Children’s Community Health Partnership (CCHP) Contract

Date: 19 Jun 2015

Category: Statements

Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) was notified by North Bristol Trust (NBT) in May 2015 that it will cease provision of the Children’s Community Health Partnership (CCHP) contract in March 2016.

Bristol CCG, as lead commissioner for the contract on behalf of Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire CCG, South Gloucestershire Council and NHS England, had initially intended to extend North Bristol Trust’s Children’s Community Health Partnership (NBT CCHP) contract until March 2017 to allow for a full public consultation as part of the re-commissioning of Children’s Community Health Services. NBT has, however, declined this offer to extend the contract.

We are now proactively seeking an interim provider for the service until the new model of care can be established in March 2017. The process is now in place to find an interim provider within the next two months.

As commissioners of the service, the safety of children and young people is of paramount importance to us and we will ensure the service is delivered to the required standard.

We will now work with NBT to ensure there is a safe and secure handover of services to the interim provider from April 2016.

This change only affects the services commissioned with NBT as part of its Children’s Community Health Partnership Contract (CCHP). The other Children’s Community Health Service providers – including Sirona Care and Health for the ‘Lifetime’ service and University Hospitals Bristol for Children’s Community Nurses - have agreed to the 12 month extension to March 2017.

We would like to reassure children and young people and their parents and carers that this will not result in any changes to services before April 2016 and that there should be no change in the care and support provided during this period.

We will be providing regular updates and information. If you would like to be kept informed please contact .