Bristol CCG pledges to improve patient safety

Date: 25 Apr 2016

Category: Campaign

The CCG has pledged to improve patient safety as part of the national campaign, Sign up to Safety.

Sign up to Safety is a national patient safety campaign to help the NHS in England become safer and address the problem of unsafe care and avoidable harm.

So far, over 200 organisations have pledged support and are committed to improve the safety of healthcare through personalised safety improvement plans. These outline the actions that will be taken in response to five Sign up to Safety pledges.

"By joining Sign up to Safety we are placing the safety of patient care above all else. We will achieve this by learning from each other and focusing on the areas where we can make care safer. We will focus our efforts on a small number of priority areas where avoidable harm can be reduced for the majority of patients."

- Dr Martin Jones, Bristol CCG Clinical Chair

The five Sign up to Safety pledges are:

1. Put safety first

Commit to reduce avoidable harm in the NHS by half and make public our locally developed goals and plans

We will:
- Work collectively across organisations to reduce avoidable harm arising from pressure ulcers and falls.
- Support the implementation of Early Warning Scores in primary, community and secondary care to rapidly detect the deteriorating patient and initiate the right care for patients at the earliest opportunity.

2. Continually learn

Make our organisation more resilient to risks, by acting on the feedback from patients and staff and by constantly measuring and monitoring how safe our services are

We will:
- Carry out observational visits to gain assurance on the actions being taken for improvement by our providers.
- Promote incident reporting within primary care; encouraging the sharing of learning across providers and communities.

3. Be Honest

Be transparent with people about our progress to tackle patient safety issues and support staff to be candid with patients and their families if something goes wrong

We will:
- Monitor the implementation of “Duty of Candour” by our providers.
- Encourage our staff to raise concerns and support our staff to manage them appropriately.

4. Collaborate

Take a lead role in supporting local collaborative learning, so that improvements are made across all of the local services that patients use

We will:
- Work closely with other local commissioners of services such as NHS England, Public Health England and Bristol City Council to share learning and promote improvement.
- Work with the Patient Safety Collaborative and the Academic Science Network to share and develop the best ideas for improvements.

5. Be Supportive

Help people understand why things go wrong and how to put them right. Give staff the time and support needed to improve and celebrate progress.

We will:
- Encourage the development of a supportive culture to foster learning, make improvements and celebrate success within the CCG.
- Ensure that staff receive evidence and feedback of learning that will help inform the commissioning processes.
- Make sure that patient and staff satisfaction with local services is scrutinised with timely identification of issues and action planning to implement improvements.

NHS England - Sign up to Safety