Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

Our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Report explains the different ways in which we involve patients and the public in our commissioning activity.

We believe that the public, patients and carers should be at the centre of our plans and getting the views of local people is very important to us.

Our PPI report covers our third year of operation from 2015 to 2016.

The report includes:

  • background to the Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) approach to Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)
  • the context in which PPI takes place in Bristol
  • the arrangements that the CCG has made to involve patients and the public throughout the commissioning process
  • a report on PPI activity undertaken by member practices as part of an agreement with the CCG to promote PPI and community engagement by practices.
Cover for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Annual Report 2016/17

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Annual Report 2016/17

This report outlines how we involved patients and the public in the commissioning of local health services in 2016 - 2017. If you would like to request this document in an alternative format, please email

What is our strategy?

If you want to know more about the how and the why of patient and public involvement then have a look at our Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Strategy below.

The current strategy has been extended to cover 2017 and outlines our equality objectives and the steps we are taking to ensure these objectives are achieved.

A revised strategy will be published later in 2017 reflecting a single commissioning voice for Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

Cover for Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Strategy

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Strategy

The patient and public involvement (PPI) strategy describes a range of involvement activities that ensure patient, carer and public perspectives actively contribute to, and inform the outcomes of, the range of activities that make up the commissioning cycle.

Equality and Diversity

How can you get involved?

We use lots of different ways for local people to tell us what they think about our plans for local health services.

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