The BNSSG Primary Care Strategy

Following approval by the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire governing bodies, the final GP primary care strategy has now been published.

We are grateful to those who submitted feedback, including One Care Ltd and the Avon Local Medical Committee (LMC) and the three community service providers in the area.

We are now working with GPs and stakeholders across the area on an implementation plan to ensure the future of GP primary care across BNSSG is sustainable and high quality care is delivered to the population.

An integrated health and social care system centred around the patient and carer

Primary care is the entry point for the prevention and treatment of illness. It is the foundation of the NHS, however it faces unprecedented pressure. Nationally the share of NHS funding for general practice has decreased during the last ten years, workload has increased along with patient expectations, while vacant posts remain unfilled. To address this, the GP Forward View sets out national commitments to stabilise and transform general practice, improving services for patients and investing in new ways of providing services.

This strategy aims to consider what is important to and for the population of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) and sets out the direction of travel for primary care across BNSSG. The strategy has been informed using intelligence from primary care patient surveys, local stakeholder events and public health statistics.

It considers the challenges facing the primary care system in BNSSG and provides a vision for the future from both a patient and system perspective. This vision is based on the General Practice Forward View.

GPs acknowledge that general practice needs to change so that it is best placed to deliver patient-centred, co-ordinated care, which is as accessible and as close to home as possible and we have developed this strategy in response to that. We have therefore developed this strategy with a vision of a resilient and thriving primary care service which is the heart of an integrated health and social care system centred around the patient and care; an agile system that delivers needs-based high quality, equitable and safe care.

The BNSSG Primary Care Strategy